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Program Description & Rules: Share The Squad is a Mosquito Squad referral and rewards program offering Mosquito Squad clients the opportunity to share mosquito-free living with friends and neighbors who are not already Mosquito Squad clients. All participating referrers must first be a Mosquito Squad client and then sign up to Share the Squad using the email address where they currently receive Mosquito Squad communication.

Each referral that becomes a new client earns the referrer $25 to be redeemed through, which offers digital gift cards from over 30 top national brands. As a referrer, you can make unlimited referrals and earn unlimited rewards. You may not refer yourself or immediate family members within your household. And Mosquito Squad service is not available in all areas nation-wide. Therefore, some referees may be unable to accept your referral.

Each referee, who becomes a new client, earns $25 off of their first Protective Barrier Spray. A new referee may only accept one referral.

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions and FAQs.

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